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Common Garage Door Questions

05/18/2014 Back To Blog

Common Garage Door QuestionsAverage people would probably have one thousand different questions about the purchase, maintenance and repair of garage doors. The most common anxiety shared by many consumers is picking the wrong mechanism for their home due to bad information or ignorance. They are also anxious about sudden problems, which may slow down or block the good operation of the mechanism.

What garage door to choose if my budget is limited?

People with limited budgets usually prefer metallic doors. Of course, the absence of multiple options does not mean that aluminum overhead doors are a bad choice. Aluminum doors are cheaper because they can be dented easier, the material is lightweight and they cannot be painted. Though, they are reliable and offer great security. They can be perfectly insulated, long lasting and highly resistant to elements, do not rust and do not require frequent garage door service.

Does it make a difference which opener to choose?

Buying a cheaper opener is not the end of the world. You can do your job just fine but the most expensive they get, the better they become. Expensive garage door openers would not include only the reverse system but also many safety features, provide many conveniences and will be technologically advanced. Openers and garage doors do not change easily and it's good to invest in more expensive units. After all, you will be investing in your own safety.

If one extension spring breaks, can I keep the other one?

No, extension springs for garage doors must be replaced together. If the one breaks, you should replace both. They must have the same flexibility and strength; otherwise, the door will not be lifted evenly. Besides, they both have the same life expectancy. If that one broke yesterday, the other one will break tomorrow.

Can I maintain the garage door alone?

You can certainly engage in many tasks. Lubrication maintenance, for example, is not a hard process. You can also tighten the screws and check the condition of all parts. Though, you must keep in mind that the simplest garage door repair requires some level of knowledge and good tools, excellent lubricants and attention.

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