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Why Garage Door Springs are So Important

11/02/2015 Back To Blog

I would happily argue that there is no component in an opening system that is more important than another. Every part works in unison to keep your doors operating smoothly, safely and efficiently for a long, long time. But let’s take a moment to pay homage to an often overlooked part, which is arguably essential to all aspects of your door. These heroic little parts are the garage door springs.Why Garage Door Springs are So Important

It’s all about balance

The springs are essential for maintaining the balance of your entrances. Whether they are extension or torsion based, there are typically two on either side of the door which are supposed to keep the alignment of your door in check. One of the first problems that occur as an outcome of malfunctioning springs is a gradual imbalance of the entire system, which puts strain on it and can cause severe problems for the overall operation of the unit. When your springs start to act up in this way, there will be a definite need for garage door adjustment to get the setup working correctly again, and so the condition of the springs should never be ignored.

Hardy, sturdy stress relievers

Providing continuous and smooth lifting action is altough job, even for strong systems. A tremendous amount of weight needs to be supported by each component, and each part plays a crucial role in sharing it, but no piece does more than the comparatively tiny but incredibly strong garage door springs.Their significantly sturdy structure makes them perfect for taking the bulk of the weight to support the operation of the motor, which is exceptionally sturdy, but simply can’t do the job by itself.

Smooth operator

The correct operation of your system is highly dependent on the correct balance and weight distribution supplied, almost purely by either a set of overhead extension springs or those of the stronger, torsion variety. Considering how much of a small part they are in the system, they play a crucial role in keeping the door stable. A good way to check on their condition, and therefore the balance of the door, is to operate the system manually to detect whether or not the door is opening as easily as you would expect. If it is not, then perhaps it is time to enlist in professional help and get your springs replaced.

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